November 3, 2010


In celebration of "Jucy Lucy" Month (who knew), helloboyfriend and I made some of these delicious burgers. A Jucy/Juicy Lucy is a burger made with 2 patties and cheese melted in the middle. Kinda infamous in Minneapolis since two places both say they are the originators of the nummy, greasy burger (Matt's Bar vs. 5-8 Club).

Yum! We paired our meal with waffle fries (dipped in cheese for him). I'm not sure whatever happened to us starting to eat healthier :P  I spent the rest of my night lounging, while occasionally the boyf would chime in with his rendition of Taylor Swift's "Mine."

As I'm figuring out this blog world, I'm looking to a lot of different blogs for inspiration. So be ready to a variety of ... entires while I figure out what I'm actually going to be writing about.



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