August 31, 2011

over the weekend

we had the state fair over the weekend. the great minnesota get together. boyfriend and i are definitely fair-goers. some people don't go every year. we do.

we ate sweet corn ice cream,  pronto pups, cheese curds and french fries, watched a cow give birth, rode the sky ride, looked at new cars and everything in between. it was quite successful.

august has come and gone. but i am sososo ready for fall. i want fall to go by slowly. leaves changing, pumpkins growing, apple picking and all. and lots of cuddling time with these two.

he's so good with her. makes my heart melt.  i love him so much.


August 15, 2011

Seven Things

ok summer. I still have seven things I need to do in the last few weeks so please be nice and give us good weather. like last night's weather. perfect patio dining weather. and as much as I love you (summer), I cannot wait for fall.  I want to wear slouchy sweaters, knit myself a floppy hat for winter and bake so many warm treats.  Look, I even have a rollover to-do.

so Fall, you can come after I cross off my last seven. Then we will start our list. That would be swell.  hbf is going to be so excited.


August 10, 2011

Tater Tot Chili Bake

I make chili at least twice a month. maybe more often. even in the summer :D Hey, that's what crockpots are for amirite?! Plus, we've been on a huge spice kick so we stack our chili with jalepenos, habeneros, serranos... any pepper that ends in -o.  It's easy to make, always delicious and we always have leftovers.

Since boyfriend is not big on leftovers, I'm usually stuck eating chili for the next few days. Until I found this recipie! It was perfect because it brought three things together that hbf loves: chili, tots and cheese! And the five steps make it quick and simple.

Tater Tot Chili Bake

2-3 cups leftover chili
bag of tater tots
2 cups cheddar cheese

Oven at 350 degrees

1. Grease a casserole or baking dish
2. Pour and spread leftover chili
3. Top with frozen tater tots in rows
4. Sprinkle cheese on top
5. Cover and bake for 25 mins, uncover and bake for another 10 mins

Next time you make some chili, definitely make some extra so you can try this out. I'm sure you won't have leftovers :)  It's delish!

Anywhoo... can you believe it's already August! I still have items on my bucket list to check off! One of those items was to make homemade coffee liquor and I'm happy to say that boyfriend and I have successfully done it! Now, if only we were patient enough to actually wait a month before drinking it. It's already half gone :( good thing we made two bottles (one for now... one for later :cool:)