June 27, 2012

roller suitcases and king size beds

I'm in Orlando for five days for work and still trying to get the hang of this whole travel-for-work thing. So far, here are the goods and the not-so-goods. lets start with the latter.

- crying babies. crying babies who sit behind me. crying babies who sit behind me during a three hour flight. 
- also sitting next to a man in flannel pjs, no shoes and lots of unshowered hair. and he did lots of hair shakes. 
- roller suitcases. the boyfriend's was super funky and it took me a good 15 minutes to figure out how to use it.
- not being 25. and not getting to drive a Mustang. damn you rental car age limits!
- of course, missing the wiz and the boyfriend. and it's only been a day. 

- big fluffy beds to myself! and lots of pillows. 
- the boyfriend sending me pics of the cat during the day. just to keep me updated. 
- lovely conversation with my coworker. looking forward to our big move next month and that we'll all be in the same building and floor.
- a tv built into the mirror in the bathroom. 
- a new gym to work out in. at least for a few days. 
- and not running outside (oh the humidity!)
- the little tiny soap in the bathroom that is shaped like a duck. but the three duck paintings in my room are weird. 
- drinking the mini fridge bottled water. because i already paid for it. boo-yah!

Off to spend the day at the work event. Hopefully Tropical Storm Debbie doesn't hang around too much and it becomes sunnier. Happy Wednesday 

June 12, 2012

lately :: a little update

oh hello little blog. i swear, once i get back into the groove, i will start regularly posting. 

but for now I leave you with what I've been busy with...



playing with my sister's pug Eleanor 

spending time in the summer sunshine

watching baseball games

and enjoying bonfires