March 25, 2012

it's been a while...

March is almost over and I have realized that I've been quite forgetful with this blog! So here are some lovely snapshots as of late...

1. Joe had spring break so we spent plenty of time enjoying some local establishments with his buddies.
2. I ran a 7k race with my lovely friend Casey on St. Patty's Day!
3. ...and we brunched at Good Day Cafe afterwards. It was much needed and we saw lots of runners (sporting their green hoodies and everything!). The egg sandwich was DELICIOUS and it's near our apartment so it shall definitely become a regular place to brunch at.
4. For work we spent a beautiful day at this old house for a retreat. New thoughts and ideas were pumped out and it was refreshing to spend time outdoors with the whole group.
5. My parents returned from China a couple weeks ago and we decided to get some spicy Schezuan food to celebrate both my sister and my father's birthdays! We're big fans of Schezuan food and I especially love spicy bamboo tips (pictured)
6. The weather has been unseasonable GORGEOUS for a MN March so Joe got to take out his truck early (he has a beater car for the winter) and we decided to take it out, roll down our windows and blast some music through his sound system. That boy, he sure loves his bass and his Bobby (that's the truck... hehe)
7. To celebrate the amazing weather we decided to start up the grill! Grilled veggies (and pineapple) are the best.

How has your March been?