November 21, 2011

breakfast in bed...kinda

I think everyone should have breakfast-in-bed. or as boyfriend likes, breakfast-in-bed but really in the living room because the TV is there and we can watch Saturday morning cartoons. Yeah, that's really how it goes.

Breakfast casseroles and I don't get along the best. Something about the soggy bread & sausage combo that never comes out of the oven the right way.  Also the fact that i have to roll out of bed an hour early to turn on the oven, get back into bed, and then roll out again after it's preheated to put the actual casserole in. Boo. But this... this potato & bacon breakfast casserole is a casserole I can get behind. Still involves the early morning roll out but at least it comes out tasty. I omitted the green onions because boyfriend doesn't like those, but I added some chopped onions in the potato mix.

Perfect breakfast-in-the-living-room start to a snowy Saturday.

But to be fair, on Sunday, he gave me a real breakfast in bed. Omelettes, hashbrowns and our little kitty in the sheets with us talking about how we should invest in one of those breakfast/bed trays.

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