December 28, 2011

asian christmas

Christmastime has always been sweet for my little family. All of my extended family still live in China so it's always been just mom, dad, Jenn and me. We always do a meal (or two) and a movie. This year was no different. Joe and I joined my family for peking duck on Christmas Eve and on Christmas day, we headed to Wanderers Garden for dim sum brunch*. the food was delicious, the company was wonderful and Asian Christmas was a success. afterwards, we met up with J's dad at the movies and watched Sherlock Holmes. i couldn't ask for more.

*if you've never had dim sum, its quite the experience. servers roll around carts/trays filled with a variety of freshly prepared small plates  and you pick and choose what looks appealing. food ranges from dumplings to short ribs to sesame balls.  there was a family next to us who was expecting a buffet and were very confused by the carts & all the servers moving around.

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