December 14, 2011

the day we went to go visit a reindeer (blitzen, dixen, whatever)


Over the weekend, Casey, Lisa and I went to go visit a reindeer at the mall. I should mention it was an outdoor mall so reindeer were allowed. There was a lady showing off reindeer antlers and such but no Santa. And we didn't even get the reindeer's name. Afterwards, we went to lunch, they dropped me off at my hair appointment (where I chopped off my overgrown locks)  and even picked me up afterwards. How sweet.

Other things this weekend:

  1. number one has to be that my friend got engaged - congrats Casey and Mitch (a different Casey. Yes, I have two. I'm lucky like that)

  2. and brunching with the girls to celebrate!

  3. J and I watched every episode of "The League." It is a total bro show but we snuggled up & laughed (alot). and i love it when can we both laugh out loud.

  4. we also watched football. I do love football Sundays.

  5. my momma made me lo mein and won ton soup. some days, i really miss living in an asian household.

  6. we bought cookie butter. and dipped apples in it. i could eat apples all day with cookie butter. thats healthy, right?

  7. like I said before, I got a hair cut. I already miss piling into a bun on top of my head.

  8. annnd my baby sister got into law school! California, here we come (to visit of course!)

1 comment:

  1. Holy cow, I am going to go get some of that cookie butter TONIGHT! Yum!