May 5, 2012

cheers to...

1. pretty flowers. these were from a while ago but what a beautiful bouquet.
2. staying up late and watching silly speed stacking videos on youtube with the boyfriend. did you know this was a sport?
3. laundry being done. it's been piling up in our apartment and i finally folded every piece of it. i even matched all the socks (my least favorite part). just in time for some more laundry this weekend (smile)
4. dinner with good friends this weekend. and coffee dates!
5. storm watching. the weather has been muggy and warm and perfect for some big thunderstorms. mother nature, please make it rain, thunder and lightening! 
6. unexpectedly sweet texts from boyfriend. he's not one for cheesy so when a cheesy text comes around, its a wonderful surprise!
7. being patient. things will fall in place when they are suppose to and when it happens, it happens.

happy weekend!

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