May 17, 2012

mother's day + graduation

on Mother's Day, my little sister graduated from college. Probably one of the best mother's day gifts ever so I don't even know how I'm ever going to top her gift (smile). I'm excited to see her start the next chapter in her life... move across the country, make new friends, start new classes, find a new home. As the older sibling, I rarely take risks. (Maybe it's not because I'm the oldest... likely it's just my personality.) And when I do take risks, they are minimal. I admire her for forging a new path and starting somewhere new and fresh. I can admit that I don't think I could ever do it. 

Congratulations little J! 

"You have one life, you only get one. You can spend it generously... but don't spend it carelessly" DessaUniversity of Minnesota, College of Liberal Arts,  Spring 2012 Keynote Commencement Speaker

yay! you did it. 

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