September 11, 2012

(almost) official

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I promised that the quietness on the blog was for good! It's (almost) official: e-mails with good news, final pieces of paperwork and a set closing date. J and I have spent a few months hunting and we've finally found a place we're looking forward to calling home. The entire process had it's ups and downs. I won't lie, there was a point where I felt like throwing in the towel -- going back to apartment living, paying rent and moving year to year. But we finally found it. Perfect location, a great size for the two of us + Wiz and an ideal place that we know will become our first home.

With ten days to go, I'll be spending much of my time reading home decor blogs, looking at paint samples and visiting furniture stores to pick out some new pieces. Oh hey home ownership... I cannot wait!

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