December 31, 2012

au revoir, 2012

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2012 will always be a year of silver linings in my book. We rang in 2012 in Des Moines, with sparkles and party hats. Winter months came and went, and I did alot of growing up and learning. I spent alot of time working and enjoying moments with the boyfriend, friends and family. Spring into Summer gave us time to make some big decisions, celebrate with many dear friends and in the Fall, we bought a house together. And as we move back into the Winter season, I do feel older. I feel stronger and wiser and ready to start a new year.

Saturday night, Boyfriend and I got struck with a bout of food poisoning. We spent our Sunday curled up on separate couches, covered in blankets and trying to hold down liquids and crackers. We watched football, slowly ate applesauce and tried to enjoy the sick day together. This morning, we both woke up feeling a lot better. Maybe not 100% but ready to give solid foods a try and get out of the house. We might not ring in 2013 in style, sparkles and loud music, but we'll still ring it in with good friends, a champagne toast and together. Together is key. 

Cheers to being stronger, healthier, more organized and even more curious. I resolve to travel more, date Joe regularly, train harder and more often, continue this process of being a homeowner and make smart choices, personally and professionally. So here's to 2013 and whatever you may bring! 

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