December 17, 2012

gift guide :: your super smart sister who is returning home from her first semester at law school

My younger sister is returning from her first semester of UCLA law this week and our whole family is beyond excited! I think for my parents, 5 months is far too long to go without seeing her (even though she did go abroad to London for a semester).

When I asked about her gift list she said she needed to think about it some. But in the midst of Contracts finals and 8-hour take homes, I found a few items that I think she'll love and use during her next semester.

Grad Student Gift Guide

1 /  Michael Kors watch: perfect "watch out world" watch
2 / Kate Spade laptop bag: going to the library and back in style
3 / Coffee/Tea french press: coffee seems like a necessity in law school
4/ UCLA sweatpants: for those late night study sessions
5 / Ticket stub binder: she's a big movie and theater lover
6 / Bicycle glasses: fun glassware for her apartment
7 / Make your own sushi kit: for her to show off her sushi skills

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