May 28, 2013

weekend update

hope you had a pleasant long weekend! 

took a little road trip to Des Moines to celebrate the marriage of two of our friends! so amazing to see some of these ladies again -- cannot believe I haven't seen some of them in over 2 years! 

we came home Sunday and did a little yard work. not sure if the guy before us even bothered picking up weeds/dandelions in the backyard because they are EVERYWHERE. our backs were aching by the end of the night and we were starved so we went to a favorite irish pub of ours for some drinks and appetizers. i think Joe could eat those fish bites dipped in sriracha mayo for days. they had 80s music bingo going on and while we didn't pick up any boards, we would have won for sure. 

I am and will always be a fan of lazy mornings. We woke up Monday, stirred up some chocolate chip pancakes and scrambled eggs. We spent most of the day outside; working on my car and grilling with some friends. 

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