March 11, 2014

ellie's favorite things

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It's been seven months since we've got our little Ellie bean and she has grown up way too fast!  Through this harsh winter, we tried to get her to the dog park if it was anywhere above 10 degrees - which felt like never. If we had to spend evenings indoors, we tried to tire the girl out with tricks + treats and lots of "catch" inside the house. Puppies of all kinds tend to have a lot of energy and since our girl is an Australian Shepard, she is FILLED with energy. Honestly, she could be at daycare all day, come home exhausted, take a 5 min nap and be ready to play again.

This girl loves to play tug and catch, though she is not the best about bringing the ball back. We found that she loves to chew on Simply Orange containers so the Crunchcore (4) was the perfect toy for her. She also loves her peanut butter or cream cheese filled Kongs (8) + bully sticks (5). Since the pup has a sensitive stomach, she has been sticking to a grain-free diet and pumpkin pops (frozen pumpkin) as a treat. These are just a few of Ellie's favorite things.

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  1. OMG Ellie is beautiful! My mini aussie's name is Emma :) She is about 2.5 now! I'm so sad, it feels like yesterday she was just a lil pup!