November 30, 2010

the list

I started this list when I was a junior in high school. Clearly the header is written pretty bluntly, like my junior in high school self would write. The first 30 were written during high school and the rest have been added to the list. I leave it on my desktop and occasionally open it up to remind myself of the silly goals I had when I was younger. Surprisingly, some of them are still items I would love to accomplish.

So starting 2011, I will try to cross things off and keep adding things.


This list isn't going to be filled with things I already know I will do; such as 'go to college', 'get married', 'have a career', 'have children'… etc. It's for shit that one just needs to be told to do, because it'd be cool to have the experience. Or just fun to do…

1. Buy a real designer purse

2. Build a real snowman-with a carrot nose, coal eyes and a scarf Dec 22 2005

3.Re-visit High School after you've graduated from college

4.Live in New York City for at least 2 months

5.… how about New Years in NYE

6. Get a tattoo JAN 2007

7.Go to a drive-in movie

8. Have pistachio ice cream

9. Have a coffee place (maybe in college)

10.  Visit Europe

11.  After college and before reunion-call up old friends

12. Take a road trip, not anything big-it could be just up north

13. Smoke a cigar

14. Go to a stripclub

15. Run a red light

16.  Go to and use an Oxygen Bar

17. smoke hookah

18. Ask a boy out

19. 100mph on the highway

20. go puddle jumping May 6th, 2007 w/ Deanna after Hubbel dining

21.  have sex in Disneyland, Disney anything

22.  … on a laundry machine

23.  plant a tree

24.  walk Nicollet Mall

25.  buy an expensive black dress

26.  attend a midnight preview/showing of a movie PIRATES III, 5/25/07

27.  learn about wine

28. learn to drive a stick


30.  shower in a waterfall

31. DG Tattoo

32.  try vegemite

33.  lay in an lit stadium

34.  ride on a hot air balloon

35.  buy a Marc Jacobs tote

36.  watch a good movie at the Lagoon Cinema

37.  have a summer fling kurt k, summer 2007

38.  mini golfing w/ Stacey, Liz summer 2007

39. ask a well articulated question at a speaker in front of the crowd

40.  spin on my head (bboy style)

41.  Karaoke – alone, not in a group

42.  Feed a koala

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