December 6, 2010

"Eat the Kitchen" Week

It's "Eat the Kitchen" week at the apartment! With the holiday season, I'm hoping to save money here and there. One of the best/fastest ways for me to do this is to not grocery shop and make lunch/dinner out of my kitchen. I have tons of stuff stockpiled and this is a great excuse to use some of it up.

Growing up, my parents kept everything and anything canned. I can find cans in my kitchen from 1996 if I looked hard enough. I'm not sure if they didn't abide by canned expiration dates, but sometimes I would open spagetti sauce in the cupboard and find out that it was a year after the date (gross). Now that I'm living on my own, I'm hoping not to do the same and that every couple months I use up what I've already got!

So the menu for the week:

Monday: can of soup (its just me tonight)

Tuesday: cheddar potato soup

Wednesday: spaghetti

Thursday: tacos

Friday: gyoza and egg rolls (frozen from my mother)

Usually, helloboyfriend works Monday and Friday nights so I get to have dinner on my own. He's a very meat-and-potatoes man so it's nice to do things on my own. He also hates leftovers and Chinese food (rrreally!) so I have to be careful about how large the meals are or else I am stuck with the leftovers (though I really enjoy them).

Have you ever had your own "Eat the Kitchen" week? Do you keep expired canned foods?



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  1. I should probably do that myself. We have things we could use to make meals without buying extra groceries but it never happens.