December 8, 2010

Taco Thursday

This week has been such a doozy! It's going pretty fast but I hear about this upcoming snow storm and I am not excited!

Today I had the day off since I had some things I needed to take care of. Having two jobs has been difficult (sometimes I wonder why I have two in the first place!) but my student loans are about to kick in so I'm going to need the extra help!

Living alone has been a big learning experience. When I first moved, I was scared. Through college, I always had multiple roommates and was surrounded by people. But I've come to enjoy my personal time. I've found that I like to run errands and window shop way to much, but I also am starting to get involved in networking events. It's been hard since my workdays are so long (I don't get home till 7!) but networking as a young professional will help me meet people in the same industry as me!

Now for dinner! Today was Taco Thursday so helloboyfriend was craving chicken tacos. I threw in some red peppers and onions to make it a bit healthier. We got these pre-made 'taco stuffers' at the supermarket and it actually make it feel more like Chipotle. Ah, what I am saying... nothing compares to Chipotle (mmm cilantro lime rice).  But dinner was delicious- helloboyfriend STUFFED his burrito!

Yes, we shamefully ate in front of the TV. It's become a bad habit and I swear when I move somewhere else, I need a separate kitchen area!

Anyone else have these bad habits?



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