January 10, 2011

Menu for the Week 1.10.11

Sooo... my camera has been out of commission (read: I'm too lazy/forgetful  to put the charged battery back in it) so no photos today. But I thought I'd quick post our menu for the week and hope you all had a pretty good weekend :)

My fridge is gettting empppty and I am in desperate need to go shopping (tonight!). But still, Monday and Friday's are alone-dinner nights (ADN) so it's just me. I hate to say "lonely dinner nights" since Wiz is there to keep me company :D

Monday:  ADN - again, I have no food so we'll see what I find

Tuesday: Flank steak with potatoes & corn (hbf picked some steaks out so he got to pick a meal!)

Wednesday: Salmon with cous cous and  green beans

Thursday: Lasagna Soup, salad and breadsticks

Friday: ADN

I've noticed a trend of not having meals for Friday listed. Possibly due to me being alone and lazy, or the fact that sometimes I drive up to my parent's to eat a home cooked meal with my family :D



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