February 2, 2011

Overload Wizzy Wednesday

This week I've got a sweet, little helper in the kitchen. She may lack  opposable thumbs, but she does a good job of getting in the way, jumping around and licking open sour cream cartons.

But then again... sometimes she's got her cute days.

Joe calls her a little muskie kitty. What do you think?

Yikes, for one thing - muskie's scare me. I love MN summer time and going boating, but sometimes I get nervous that a muskie will get me when I'm floating, waiting for the boat to turn around when I fall off waterskis or the tube :shock:

That's a bad story to end the post with. But it's hump day so yay! Wednesdays are the best days. February is the best month! I think we got some repetition going!



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