February 22, 2011

Tea House

Over the weekend, my family celebrated my mother's birthday.
Being a Chinese-American growing up, the one thing I can a little snobbish to is Chinese food. hehe, well maybe not the ONLY :razz:
But really, sometimes, I have those cravings for greasy chinese takeout. Hbf doesn't like chinese food so I don't know how to really make it (seriously, who doesn't like chinese food?!) But most of the time, I just wait till weekends to go to my parents for some delish Asian food. Or better, have them take me out to get really good Chinese food.

Saturday night was one of those nights.

My parents love Szechuan food. We've been to the Tea House in Plymouth for years. So it made sense that my dad decided to take us to the Tea House that opened on University.

My family has always been on the spicy side... and I've been the weak-sauce member. But recently, hbf's been on a spicy food kick so he's really helped me open up my pallet (thanks sriracha). It was funny during dinner hearing my parents talk about how I'm actually eating spicy things :) Aw, I'm growing up!

My favorite dish was probably the last one-- the dan dan noodles. Thank you social media for opening my eyes! We only ordered it because I checked into the Tea House on FourSquare and it was recommended. My mom kept tasting the sauce in hopes that she can re-create it at home. Woopiee! Now, I must learn! & convert hbf into a Chinese-food lover.

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