March 15, 2011

iPhone Weekend

how was your weekend? I know its Tuesday soo I guess I'm runnin a day late in life.  This is how I spent mine... plus some drinks with friends; plus some laughs at my favorite Target; plus spending my leftover grocery money on new art; plus some extra kisses for my Wiz; plus celebrating my Dad's birthday; plus trying to find a spring break to tag along with [ I am so jealous ]; plus a new nightie; plus cleaning some of my apartment; plus apartment shopping; plus lots of trying to wish hbf into texting me back. oh and plus not missin him at all. nope. not. at. all. youcancomehomenow.

Happy Tuesday. Didja know Tuesday is my favorite day. Thursday's are my least favorite. I'm really not sure why... it started in junior high and I think bad days always landed on a Thursday, and good days landed on Tuesday. Strangeness.



  1. Totally ok to post a day late. Starbucks makes weekends and days in general better! Love!

  2. love it!
    except I disagree. I despise Tuesdays. Thursdays are close to perfect.

  3. I love that fortune cookie! So true :) I want to try a cake pop so bad!