March 11, 2011

Not Complaining

Last night, Wiz was upset. Poor little munchkin is gonna miss boyfriend for the next five days. I think she planned to tuck herself into his duffel bag and tag along for the trip.  As you know, he's going out of town to see some of his buddies in Indiana and I am trying really(really) hard not to whine, miss him too much, complain cause, well... it's only one week.  He hasn't even left yet. whine whine complain complain. I'm putting on my big girl pants, filling up my calendar and hoping St. Patty's Day comes sooner (rather than later).

And boyfriend. if you read this before you drive off (no textin while drivin!):   I miss you already. Poo. I don't know what to make for dinner tonight and already extended an invite to Jenn to come join me. I set the blanket out by your luggage so you didn't forget it (and don't forget your phone charger). I hope my car treats you well for the 10 hour drive and I look forward to our looooong phone call to break up the time. Have a good time out there -- feel free to come home early if you get homesick! I love you.


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