March 1, 2011

New Things

Ok. So I've been doing alot of thinking.... :mrgreen:

Did I ever tell you how much I love Google Reader? I adore it.
I adore it so much that it has me thinking about something.
new things.
I'm thinking that I might start incorporating some new things into my blog!

See-- hellonatalie has basically just started. I use it to chronicle my day to day, and really help me keep track of what I'm doing as I grow up. But growing up means incorporating new things as well! And my blog love for fashion, the marketing industry, cooking, music, traveling... all of it.
MMMmmmmaaaybe minus the Wedding part. You can overlook that, cant you? ;)


Ps. YES, i have some serious catching up to do on my google reader. But really, 267 is easy peezy... I've seen it at 948. Neglected google reader.

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