February 25, 2011

Likes & Dislikes of Today

Happy Friday!
This will be a short and sweet post since I feel like it :)

Things I Like and Dislike about Today:
Like: free bagels in the office (woo free carbs)
Dislike: My sore throat and semi-ear-infection-esque pain.
Dislike: I think my last wisdom tooth is growing in (ahh, they told me you were not there!)
Like: planning dates with hbf via text message in MC questions
Dislike: my autocorrect fail. or typo. as seen below:

Like: that it is almost the weekend! woop.
Like: and its Oscar's weekend! I'm excited for Anne/James to host!
Dislike: Not knowing what ANY of my weekend plans are really... so many options!
Like: sushi. like like like.

and just like that... I'm off to a sushi date with hbf! I have been craving spicy sushi (and chicken noodle soup since I'm sick) but hbf agreed with the first choice. So there you have it :cool:

Have a great weekend,

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