March 8, 2011

Spring Break... round 2?

whoooooo wants to go on spring break with me? cus I would totally do mid-terms all over again just to get some sunshine, drink a bucket at Louie's and lay on the beach. Oh, and walk on crushed beer cans, get free jesus van rides, run into the icy cold ocean and hang out with those crazies I call my friends (imisssthemsomuch)

Meet, the diversity van. Yea, we may have had to drive in a "snow storm" on the way back, crash in a hotel and it took us a bit longer... but we got to stop in San Antonio, go to Dick's and find a sweet Mexican breakfast spot.

errrrverybody. I love the creeper standing in the back. do ya see him? doya? doya? I also love the fact that I am dark. sooooodark. Seeing these photos make me want to cave and get a tanning package. But tanning is bad for you. I know this... right? right?

Anyhow. If anyone is headed to spring break and wants me to join in on the festivities, feel free to let me know. I travel light... I pretty much only need my swimsuit and maybe a towel. and some tanning oil. and maybe a cute top. and flip flops. and sunglasses. oh my, i guess i need to pack a bit 8)


1 comment:

  1. hehe cute post :)
    no huge spring break plans for me - or else i'd invite you!

    have a lovely rest of your week, friend!