March 7, 2011

This Weekend Included...

but was not limited too... • Completing everything on my Friday post • Extended Target runs • Saturday morning brunch with Shelby • RANGO (pretty funny and I love kids movies in theaters filled with kids.. so adorable) • stumbling upon my 5th grade yearbook • three loads of laundry and cleaning the kitchen/bathroom • finding a great deal on an oil change with no husslin' (yanno, when they tell me I need this this and this to be fixed just because I'm a girl :-P ) • bloody mary's and mimosas •  lots of sweet sweet kisses from these two lil buttons and not having to cook at all :D

I say it was pretty successful.

Menu for the Week
My menu's are never right on because plans seem to keep changing last minute, but I think this one's gonna stick! Since helloboyfriend's leaving town Friday, I tried to squeeze in all his favorite meals before he leaves :(
Monday: Chicken tortilla soup
Tuesday: Pork chops & hashbrown casserole
Wednesday: Penne pasta with Sockarooni sauce and italian sausage
Thursday: Honey-Sriracha wings & coleslaw
Friday: HBF is outta town so I'm on my own!


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