March 28, 2011

Weekend Nibbles

clearly its not all the bits of my weekend, but its some of it. Most of my weekend was spent celebrating my sister's 21st birthday (hi sisssy!) and figuring out apartment stuff. For the next year, I will most likely be broke but that's okay because I will live in a pretty apartment and be someplace that I am happy with :) I'm not one who likes to make quick decisions, but apartments are always rushed or else they get snatched up! Fingers crossed everything pans out and we move June 1st!

Menu for the Week - March 28th

Monday: hummus, pita pocket and veggies
Tuesday: seasoned salmon, wild rice and broccoli
Wednesday: make ahead chicken & spinach artichoke casserole (via iowagirleats)
Thursday: juicy lucys and two fries (regular and sweet potato)
Friday: out to dinner with helloboyfriend's dad


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