November 29, 2011

thanksgiving weekend, according to my iphone

1. the morning of black friday means coffee & doughnuts: boyfriend and i did our first black friday EVER and snatched up an entertainment system for our living room. we stayed up late putting it together so of course c&d; was a necessity. 2. this holiday candle makes our apartment smell like caramel rolls & cookies. be sure that it will be burning all season long. 3. baby tree is up. blue, silver & sparkles. 4. wiz has found quite a liking to our holiday decorations. 5. but not so much the santacat hat. 6. at 11:30 pm i noticed our bananas were browning. at 11:45 pm these banana crumb muffins came out of the oven.

thanksgiving was wonderful this year. it was great to spend it with family & friends. and now, it is officially the holiday season. and almost december. wow, time flies.

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