December 30, 2011

oh 2011, it was a good run

hey 2011. this year was a whirlwind. we had some beautiful + wonderful ups and some things i will never forget. personally, i think 2012 will be much better but that's just me. i've already got some great plans in store and cannot wait!

In 2011, I...
  • got a fulltime job (!!!!)
  • ran my first 5k
  • moved to a new apartment with joe
  • many visits to catch up with college friends, whether it was in mpls, des moines or chicago we always know how to get a little crazy
  • spent more time with my family that i ever had in the last five years
  • said goodbye to my Target discount. you are missed
  • party rocked and shuffled through October
  • became a better sports fan
  • got lazy and grew my hair out soley so i could have my mulan bun back. and then i cut it again
  • cooked more. baked more. crafted more.
  • got a wonderful gift from my parents including a new computer + camera (and a food processor from J)
  • celebrated my sister's achievements of getting into law school. and am plenty excited for her upcoming graduation and send off!
  • enjoyed sweet dates with J. we had many and we have many more ahead!
  • spent lots of time with our sweet sweet kitten
  • developed more. personally and professionally. but i can already tell i have much more to grow!

alright 2012, im ready!  let us celebrate the end of 2011 & the beginning of a wonderful 2012 with a sparkly dress, champagne & good company!

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  1. 5K: way to goooo! maybe I'll make 2012 the year I do that..
    Target discount: Ha I love this! Lucky!