January 1, 2012

welcome welcome 2012

we rang in 2012 down in Des Moines, IA with endless drinks, noisemakers & plenty of shenanigans!

Soooo... i'm less of a resolutions type of girl and more of a hopes/plans/wishes kinda girl. so here's my hopes/plans/wishes for twenty twelve:

  • be more ambitious. focus on studying with the goal in mind: grad school
  • drink more water
  • explore more. whether it be through travel or just time outdoors
  • start yoga
  • run more, run often
  • keep my car clean (inside and out)
  • more and more lovely dates with J. keep them regular.
  • organize my work computer desktop/files
  • take more photos + update the blog more
  • start living within my means
  • be a more thoughtful friend, sister and daughter.
  • plenty of love, smiles, laughter and silliness.


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