January 4, 2012

the little things

1. stopping to take a breath. after a couple weeks of celebrations (birthday, christmas, new years eve, birthdays, yeesh), we are exhausted. so last night, instead of going out (for another friends birthday celebration), we opted to stay in, catch up on some TV and hang out just us.
2. conquering weekend baking projects - i made my first cheesecake (will post pics soon)
3. getting the underground parking spot.
4. having staring contests with my kitty. i always win.
5. joe becoming a coffee drinker. maybe we can upgrade from instant coffee to a coffeemaker.
6. free pizza. and waiting in line outside for it.
7. seeing my basil plant start to grow! all i need are some pine nuts and we've got pesto
8. even though we only completed eight dates of christmas, J and I agreed that our trip to Des Moines basically counted as three dates.

here's to the little things that make you smile.

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