January 5, 2012

love letters

dear boyfriend,

somewhere around 4AM you woke me up when you crawled into bed (wiz in your arms) after staying up with your buddies. you even tucked Wiz into bed and wouldn't let me move because she was snuggled in. and when my alarm went off at 5AM, i was pretty sleepy+grumpy. but that all changed when i got into work and was looking through my old emails for a file and stumbled upon that graduation letter you wrote me back in 2010. i definitely didn't remember what i was reading -- i almost thought it was something i had secretly written for you. but then i remembered and could only smile. and to think, at that point we'd only been together for a little over a year. and now its almost three. and some of the things you talked about still ring true.

so thank you for that 7AM surprise. though i bet you are still sleeping right now.

i love you.

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