January 18, 2012

martini glass

so a few weeks ago this happened...

i got these martini glasses from my best friend annie almost 5 years ago. so i was pretty bummed when a piece of it broke off. it didn't shatter, smash on the ground or anything like that... it just broke off!

instead of throwing it out, i decided to turn it into a jewelry holder. it actually worked out really well and all my dangly earring fit on the rim.

you’ll need:

martini, wine or champagne glass
frosted glass spray paint
blue tape
outdoor area

1. using the blue tape, tape off parts that you don't want frosted (i taped the stem) 2. go outside and spray the first layer onto the glass, let dry 3. repeat 3-4 times until it looks the way you'd like. 4. let dry completely before using.

*i had to super glue the broken piece back into the glass. you can see the edge of the break below

the piece actually looks really nice on our dresser & i can stick rings/bracelets into the glass itself.


  1. This is a great idea! Did you frost just the outside of the glass or on the inside too?

  2. I just frosted the outside :) i have extra paint if you want