January 16, 2012

last week



1. ...was crazy busy but seeing everything come together on Sunday really put a smile on my face.
2. if someone stole my car, they would have found: 200 bananas, 7 hula hoops, 300 apples, 2 scales and 10 purple windbreaker jackets. yes, these were all for the event.
3. afterwards, i didnt get my margarita but beer+pizza+football are a pretty good second.
4. J and I even got to spend some time with his buddies before they all left to go back to school. maybe we spent a handful of extra late nights out but i've been workin hard, rrright?
5. we even faced the cold, surrounded ourselves with 80k people & witnessed this event in St. Paul.
6. on Saturday, i had a much needed coffee date with this gal.
7. and i didn't have any time to go grocery shopping but that can be all done tonight.


happy happy Monday lets hope your week is as calm as mine will be (or at least I hope mine will be!)

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