March 4, 2013

weekend snapshots

1. went down to des moines and caught up on some good eats that I've been missing (and missing out on!). not sure why I didn't go to either of these places allofthetime during my colleges years. Fong's and La Mie are two little des moines delights that everyone needs to check out if they are in town.

2. the reason I was in town was to celebrate Founder's Day with my sisters (aw). It was really great to see old friends all in one big place. Plenty of picture taking, quick catch up sessions and hugs. The event was beautiful and filled with lots of anchor love! I really love these quick trips to des moines!

3. Sunday morning and back in Minnesota, mom and I went to the Home and Garden Show and then did some Asian grocery shopping. I did not expect there to be so many food/wine exhibitors at the H+G show but we tried a bunch of different samples and had a lot of fun wandering through! Asian grocery shopping with my mom is always better than when I go alone because she knows the best products to buy and I'm excited that I'm slowly building up my Asian cooking essentials.

4. Later that day, Joe and I had dinner with his mom. We went to Pan-Asian restaurant near our house that we've been to quite a bit. We had some potstickers and cranberry puffs (same as cream cheese puffs but with some cranberries!) to start off our meal and then we both ordered pho. I was on the fence about ordering chow fun, and there is still some part of me that wishes I had. Oh well, the pho was delish none the less.

how was your weekend?

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