December 20, 2010

Menu for the Week 12.20.10

I cannot believe that Christmas is only a week away. Even more surprising, I cannot believe my birthday is this week! A year goes quickly (almost too quickly).

My birthday gift from my parents was a dutch oven! I'd been wanting one to make warm stews in and on Black Friday, my mom called me at 4am !!! to say she found one on sale and wanted to know if I wanted it. ooooof course!

I used it to make some Wizzzzy (only kidding!)  Chicken & Wild Rice soup. Helloboyfriend's been feeling sick all last week so he wanted a nice hot bowl of soup to cure him.

It was delish! I took this recipe and added mushrooms and it was nummy! I've had it for lunch every day this past weekend, froze two single serve bags for work somedays and had the last bit today for lunch!

But a win for the soup means a fail for the breakfast bake  :( It looks delicious...


but I think for me it was just too mushy. Helloboyfriend ate his whole plate though! It was decided that next time, we'll use less liquid or more bread.

But look at the bubbles!!

Looks like MN is getting another 5-6 inches today. There's already snow warnings going out and in some places, schools are already to be scheduled 2 hours out early. Yikes!

Menu for the Week:

Monday: roasted broccoli & pizza

Tuesday: grilled pork chops& mashed potatoes

Wednesday: going out - it's my birthday dinner!

Thursday: birthday dinner with my family

Friday: Asian dinner with my family

Clearly this week I'm not cooking too much. With the holidays approaching, its easier to spend more time with my family. But I'll find something fun to make this weekend!

Stay warm! Cheers,


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