January 21, 2011

I made a deal!

I posted yesterday that dinner plans were all switched around. Hbf's dad took us out to dinner and we always seem to get the same booth at this place:

Every once in a while you get a sweet sweet craving for wings! And who can go wrong with Mango Habenero -- sweet and SPICY! Plus, I just found a recipe for Sriracha Honey Buffalo Wings that i MUST try! Weekend plans maybe?

Downside about going to dinner... it made me miss my workout for the day. I thought about it and thought about it but after much debate (in my head), I decided to be lazy and work my butt off today :D

In other news, this weekend is kinda exciting. I have the weekend off so I've already made a couple girl dates and a hair appointment! Also, hbf and I are celebrating two years together (oh jeez). I could probably gush on and on about the boy, but I'll spare you :razz:

I've been charged with coming up with our anniversary date. Yikes! I love planning (love may be a mild term in this sense), but when it comes to planning dates- I'm not a fan. I think it's because I want his input and a date I would enjoy (ie: rom coms, ice skating, taking breezy walks in the summer) he may not enjoy :p

But I made a deal.

I plan our anniversary and he's stuck with planning Valentine's Day. Lucky for him, Valentine's Day is
probably one of
my favorite holidays. Ever since high school, single or attached, I've loved Valentine's Day. Flowers, teddy bears, cute saying on sweet hearts, chocolates... what's not to love. It's a day OF love!

Ah call me a hopeless romantic :) i don't mind!

tgif & stay warm!



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