January 3, 2011

Menu For the Week 1.3.2011

So far 2011 has been pretty good! So good that I haven't really had time to clean around the apartment or take care of anything! Tonight after work, I am getting my butt into gear and crossing off things off my to-do list. Starting 2011 with a clean place and a long list of things to accomplish!

Oh no! My last post-it :O I cannot get enough of post-its (maybe a little obsessed). I remember in 10th grade I did a presentation for a new "ad" for post-its where a "Post-It Man" came to the rescue of un-organized people. Pretty dorky, right?

Menu for the Week

Monday: Grilled Cheese Sammies

Tuesday: Parm-crusted tilapia

Wednesday: Beer Cheese Soup

Thursday: tacos (no choices this time!)

Friday: Breakfast for Dinner

Since I'm just a 20-something, I still have alot to learn about ... everything! But I recently made my own budget and so this week is the start to my new budget system! I've set aside my fixed costs and personal costs and hopefully, this will help me pay off my Christmas-debt and start saving. Yay for steps to being a grown up.

Happy (Organized) Monday!



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