March 4, 2011

One night... Two Pizzas

In college, freshmen and sophomore year my friends and I would participate in what we decided to call "LSD" - late sunday dinner. Every Sunday night, we'd sit around Spikes, eating wraps, phat burritos (haha), potato chips and french bread pizza and cracking ourselves up.

[caption id="attachment_587" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Sophomore year: goofing off during a scavenger hunt through campus... and finding my favorite Spike's worker-- BAKITA!"][/caption]

Boy, do I miss those LSD nights :razz:

Usually, I'd always have ham, honey mustard and all the veg wrap. But somedays you just gotta go for the french bread pizza.

French Bread Pizza

1 large french bread loaf
Toppings of your choice
Cheese of your choice
*very individualized!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

1. Slice loaf in half, bake in oven for 10 minutes to let the bread get crisp.
2. Take bread out, add toppings.
3. Put back in oven for 10 minutes.
4. Broil for the last minutes so everything crisps up.

helloboyfriend wanted all pepperoni, but I switched things up and did half olive and half pepperoni!

We even used some extra pizza sauce for some side dipping action! Reminded me of Italian Dunkers in high school. Seriously, I love high school lunches. If I had the time/money/know-how, I would totally start a "high school lunches" themed restaurant. C'mon! Chicken patties, tater tots, square pizza, french toast sticks, little milk cartons, sloppy joes... the list could go on and on! Anyone with me?! ... no takers? Oh okay :)
This weekend...

- I'm attending a brunch with a bunch of ladies I won't know... minus one. And that one... I am so excited to see and play catch up with!
- Movie date night. Don't know which one yet but I scored the livingsocial deal for 2 tickets on for $9. Wooppieee. We're in a toss up: Rango, Take Me Home Tonight, Hall Pass... or save it for B. Cooper's baby blue's in Limitless. Choices people!! Choices!
- Cleaning out my basement bedroom at my parents. Somehow, the water pipes burst, which led my parents to re-do the entire basement, all re-done with new carpet, a movie room, excersize room... they went all out! But what use to be my old bedroom got a facelift too so I'm going home to sort through all my high school/college things.
- Working out. Seriously. I have been lazy this week (Tuesday-Friday) so Saturday and Sunday mornings, I'm getting my butt up!
- two words: OIL. CHANGE. 5,000 miles? my dad says "oh its fine" but hbf says "no no no"
- helloboyfriend is going out of town next weekend for almost a whoooollleee week :( so I gotta soak him up as much as I can while he's home.

Happy Friday,


  1. Talk about comfort food! My mom used to throw these guys together on week nights when my brother and I would absolutely demand pizza. I think I'm gonna make this tomorrow night! :D

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